Contingency Plan - Planning for the unforseen

Hi Folks - we’re in the process of developing a backup strategy for when things go wrong. Had a presenter unplug their router in the middle of a session… LOL. Do you have a pre-defined plan in place?

Things like having a temp - WhatsApp group, backup video, backup speaker etc.

Is there a resource that I can reference, or something you can share that might help?

Hi Werner,

Our company has a thing about having plans and backups in place for everything, so much so that it can be a bit over-the-top, but with Webinars it can be pretty difficult. Right now, here are some things we do:

  • Ensure everyone speaking/moderating/producing have the cell phone numbers of the others and create a text group for everyone.

  • Try to encourage speakers/presenters to hardwire their laptop into their router for the presentation to prevent any WiFi issues.

  • Utilize a hotspot as a backup connection in the event of an internet outage. If your phone does not have a hotspot connection, we can provide a hotspot if you are a regular internal company presenter or a critical presenter.

  • Utilize an external webcam so that the built-in webcam can work as a backup if needed. An external microphone is also recommended and if possible we should send one to the presenter to use if they do not have one.

  • Prepare the moderator or co-presenters to take over mid-speaking if needed and give them some points to fill the air if necessary. If it is an individual speaker for the entire event, have the producer/director prepped to hop in and fill air time. Utilize the Q&A to communicate technical issues if necessary (enter a question and then reply all to your own question to push a message to everyone).

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Thank you @miles.szkoda.1

Love the points - I am also considering adding a standard video, or slide that we can use in case we have a key speaker drop - just a short 1-2 minute video with some soothing music expressing that we’re working on getting folks back.

I love the spare hotspot idea. Thanks.

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That’s a great idea. A filler video that you could introduce while they are trying to reconnect.

We always have a moderator and they are great at filling time, so I am usually safe if I need something to occupy the empty air :slight_smile:

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